The Most User-Friendly Coupon Apps For Saving Big Bucks
about 3 years ago

The Most User-Friendly Coupon Apps For Saving Big Bucks

It feels amazing to save on daily needs and use that towards that new coffee machine you have been eyeing. Saving is especially crucial during these times. Why don’t more people coupon to save?

I think people may be overwhelmed with how tedious it may be and don’t find it worth the amount of time invested into finding the coupons. And I completely agree, if you are doing it the old-fashioned way of clipping coupons from the newspaper! The coupon apps below are easy to use, and there truly are no excuses not to save money easily! Here the the best and most user-friendly coupon apps:


It deserves the number one spot because it simply cannot be beat! When you first sign up, you receive $20. There are over 280 retailers on the app and you can easily see on your map where the retailers are located in your city. Not only is it easy to find a place to save with your map/ geolocation, but you can easily save money after the purchase! Just simply take a picture of your receipt within 48 hours and receive cash directly back to your PayPal.


Another app that offers up to 40% in savings! It does all the work for you by searching for any and all the coupons/ discounts/ limited offers it can find and apply it to your purchase. Not only can you do this with your phone, but it has a feature to use on your desktop. I love seeing the little Honey icon pop up when I am making a purchase to find any discount available. It is super user-friendly, and I have saved a lot with Honey!


This app is for the people who do couponing the old-school way. If you are clipping coupons from the newspaper, just use SnipSnap to take a picture of the coupon. It will upload and save a digitized version of your coupon (no need to worry about having the print coupon at the store!) It is great for people who don’t clip coupons too, you can easily find new deals under the “discover” section of the app.


This app is too easy! You don’t even need to make sure the coupon applies to the store because many of the deals on Checkout51 are coupons for generic and universal items. You don’t need to buy apples from Target because you can use the coupon for apples at many different groceries. I like this because you are not limited to certain stores.


This app is great if you do have a specific store in mind! (The opposite of Checkout51.) It finds any discount or coupon offered at the store you are shopping at. Just simply type in the store you are shopping and it does all the searching!


Who wants to spend extra money on prescriptions? I know I don’t! Just simply type in the name of the prescription and it will search for coupons and what pharmacy offers the lowest price. Pro tip- check this while at the doctor’s and getting your prescription so you can have it sent to the pharmacy with the lowest price. Also, generic drugs are often less expensive than brand names. Ask for something generic when you can!

I hope all these user-friendly apps help you save more moo-lah. Don’t get overwhelmed by clipping coupons to save cents. Let these user-friendly apps do the work for you! Trust me, they are worth downloading. Next time you go pick up your monthly prescription, you will thank me :) Now go use that extra dough for that new coffee maker you have been eyeing! Please remember to use Ibotta or Honey before purchasing, though.