Having a Birthday During Quarantine? Take Advantage of Free Birthday Treats!
almost 3 years ago

Having a Birthday During Quarantine? Take Advantage of Free Birthday Treats!

It’s your birthday! Fun! Exciting! It’s your day to celebrate you! However, we still have to quarantine. However, please don’t let that stop your celebrations! We can’t gather in large groups and money may be a little tight too. It doesn’t mean that you cannot celebrate!

It’s summertime and you can still enjoy the nice, warm sunshine. Go out with closest quarantine pals and go to a park! Go for a hike! If you have a significant other, have a cute date night in! There are so many inexpensive ways to celebrate safely! But check out these free SWEET treats you can receive on your quarantined birthday!

  1. Au Bon Pain- Free bakery item and coffee and with cute travel sized mug (just sign up for the EClub). This one is eco-friendly too! Save the planet : )
  2. Baskin Robbins- They have the best flavors! Free Ice Cream (when you join the Birthday club)
  3. Cinemark- Free LARGE popcorn (when you join Cinemark weekly email). Share with your significant other or best friend for a socially-distanced movie experience.
  4. Cinnabon- Free large coffee and a free minibon (just sign up for Club Cinnabon). I can smell the fresh cinnamon… yumm :)
  5. Dippin’ Dots- The most fun and unique ice cream treat- astronaut, freeze-dried ice cream! Free Dippin’ Dots (when you sign up for Dot Crazy Email Club)
  6. Dunkin’ Donuts- America’s favorite coffee! Free beverage of your choice (when you sign up for DD Perks Rewards Program)
  7. Edible Arrangements- This is the best deal in my opinion!! Sign up for Edible Rewards and receive 12 dipped chocolate fruits arrangement! It is valued at $29.99. Pretty and tasty!
  8. IHOP- Free pancakes on your birthday- whipped cream and sprinkles with chocolate sauce if you really want to treat yourself! Just remember to sign up for MyHop.
  9. Krispy Kreme- Free melt-in-your-mouth donut and free coffee (when you sign up for Krispy Kreme Rewards)
  10. Panera- free pastry on your birthday! (remember to sign up for MyPanera). FYI- it doesn’t even have to be your birthday for this one!
  11. Pinkberry- The O.G. of frozen yogurt. Free fro-yo on your big day! (just sign up for the Pinkcard through their Pinkberry app)
  12. Planet Smoothie- a healthy smoothie on your birthday! (remember to sign up for Planet Smoothie Club)
  13. Sprinkles- The cutest cupcakes of all the land. Free on your day! (remember to sign up for Sprinkles Perks)
  14. Starbucks- This is probably the easiest to redeem because they are on every corner! Receive a free drink or food item (when you join Starbucks rewards)
  15. Steak ‘n Shake- THE classic, speciality milkshake for FREE on your day (when you join EClub)
  16. Waffle House- Start your day with a FREE Waffle on your birthday! (sign up for Waffle House Regulars Club)
  17. Yogurt Mountain- free fro-yo on your day! (when you join YOMO Club)

A quarantined birthday may not be what you expected in 2020. This year has been a whirlwind, and special times like birthdays need to be celebrated! I hope these free treats bring some extra sweetness on your day : )!