Get Free Coffee Every Tuesday from Wawa - Perfect Pick Me Up Opportunity
about 3 years ago

Get Free Coffee Every Tuesday from Wawa - Perfect Pick Me Up Opportunity

Free Coffee From Wawa on Tuesdays

Wawa is offering free coffee every Tuesday! We all need a pick-me-up during this year!

How to redeem the voucher?

In order to redeem the free coffee, you must join the rewards program. We found that joining the reward program was relatively very simple. You have two options of enrolling through the Wawa app on your phone or

You will need to enter general information on the website or app (name, date of birth, gender, email address, phone number and create a password).

How do you qualify for the rewards?

You do not need to purchase anything from Wawa to redeem the free coffee on Tuesday. The voucher will be sent to your app.

How long does the offer last?

The offer lasts until the end of 2020. There are a total of six Tuesdays left in 2020 to redeem your free coffee (November 24th, December 1st, December 8th, December 15th, December 23rd, and December 30th).

What other benefits do you get when you enroll in the Wawa Rewards program?

Once you enroll in the Rewards program, any purchases you make at a Wawa store will be tracked on the Wawa app. Currently, online purchases do not count towards the Wawa rewards program. Once you reach $50 on your Wawa app, then you can redeem a reward.

TrySpree wasn’t overly enthused with the rewards offered. We had the option of two dollars off a Wawa sandwich, Free Wawa cookie, Free Wawa salad, or $1.50 off a Wawa smoothie. We went with the two dollars off the roast beef sandwich. The sandwich was a 8/10. The sandwich was a generous portion and great quality for a convenience store.

We also had the opportunity to try the Thai chicken salad with mango dressing. TrySpree rated the salad a 9.5/10. It was unexpectedly very filling and nutritious. We were told that the most popular item is the hoagie! Next time, we are going to try the hoagie.

You have 30 days to use one of the rewards. Once you choose one of the rewards to redeem, you cannot switch to a different reward.

Also, Wawa rewards offers perks for around your birthday. Once again, you have 30 days to redeem your rewards. You can choose between a free fountain drink, coffee or ICEE. (By the way, the frozen frappuccino is the best drink to get on your birthday!) TrySpree thinks it is generous of Wawa to give you 30 days to redeem. Many programs want you to redeem your gift the day of your birthday.

How good is the coffee?

The free coffee on Tuesday was very good and rated it a 9/10. We were pleasantly surprised how much better quality it was than other convenience stores.

The coffee is also 100% sustainably sourced and Rainforest Alliance Certified. TrySpree was also pleased how Wawa is inexpensive and environmentally conscious.

What are the different coffee flavors?

The flavors of coffee offered at Wawa are hazelnut, pumpkin spice, 100% Columbian, and dark roast. TrySpree’s favorite was the hazelnut coffee. It wasn’t too sweet and very smooth and easy to drink.

Good deal?

Overall, TrySpree rates Wawa’s free coffee a four out of five stars. It is very easy to obtain with no additional costs. However, the offer is only offered to people who live close to a Wawa and is limited until the end of 2020. TrySpree wishes the offer was offered indefinitely. All in all, TrySpree thinks you should redeem your free cup of Joe, if you live by a Wawa!

Free Coffee From Wawa on Tuesdays