Frey Laundry Care - New TrySpree Free Sample Break Down
over 3 years ago

Frey Laundry Care - New TrySpree Free Sample Break Down

Being at home so much lately, I have really started wanting to make “everyday” life more magical. Recently, I have been on a mission to elevate everyday tasks and chores to become more enjoyable moments.

I was so excited to see Frey Laundry detergent offering free samples! They use plant-derived ingredients for cleaner laundry with luxurious smells.

Try a Sample of Frey Laundry Detergent

Frey Brand Known for Natural Products

There are many qualities about this product that I love! The three samples of scents combine jasmine, rose, white cedar, amber, bergamot and clove make mundane laundry tasks luxurious. Someone even asked what perfume I was wearing on an errand! They truly do smell that good.

Aside from smelling heavenly, the product is clean! The ingredients are derived from plants and are more concentrated. The higher the concentration the less you need and the less plastic you waste. They claim that their ultra-concentrated formula allows you to fit more loads with the 16 ounce bottle than other brands’ 60 ounce bottle. High-end scents and saving the planet? A win for me!

Receiving the sample

You easily click on this link and click on Start my free trial. The one downside is the $1 shipping fee, and I also wasn’t pleased with how long the shipping took (almost 25 days for me!). But filling it out was super easy (name, address, email and phone number). No surveys!

The sample was enough to do 3 loads of laundry. I would recommend using at least one of those samples for your bedsheets. I loved the relaxing cedarwood scent for relaxing in my bed. I would highly recommend trying it with your bedsheets because you spend â…“ of your life in your bed. The laundry scent reminded me of a cozy Alpine night in the mountains.


I would rate this free sample 4 stars. Once again, it is a very high-quality brand with a great mission of reducing waste with luxurious scents for everyday life. Two downsides were the amount of time it took to ship and that shipping cost a dollar.

Overall, I think everyone should try this and elevate their laundry experience!

Try a Sample of Frey Laundry Detergent