Guide to College Students on How to Score Free Stuff
almost 4 years ago

Guide to College Students on How to Score Free Stuff

Tuition, food, housing, and no income? Many students have to be thrifty and money-savvy to just scrape by! Companies and universities know college students are often in a financial pinch and offer many freebies.

All you have to do is provide proof with an email address of .edu or Student ID card. It is truly that easy! With these tips below, you will be living like the campus king!

College students can get Amazon Prime for Free!

Amazon Prime is an essential (especially during these times)! You can get a 6 month membership that will allow you to get: free two-day shipping with no minimum purchase, unlimited Prime reading, free streaming movies and TV shows, and unlimited storage for all those memories captured in college!

The only thing you need to do is provide proof of education at a university in the United States or Puerto Rico (ex: .edu email address or student ID).

Free help with Taxes

Many business schools have tax programs where students get to train on preparing taxes. Check out your university’s business school program for free tax help! Don’t worry the professor will be double checking their tax preparations!

Free samples on Campus

Many companies know how easily impressionable college students are and that is why many companies want to give you guys free stuff! Keep a lookout for tables set up around campus about new and upcoming products to try. There are also many “brand ambassadors” at universities that are paid to have you try their products for free. Don’t be shy and just look out and reach out!

Gym Membership

College is expensive, but don’t forget to use the facilities provided to you for free! The recreational center many times have a plethora of gym equipment- treadmills, swimming pools, weights, etc. Also, recreational centers offer gym classes. Get your zumba on!

Free Checking Account

Lookout for banking companies on your campus. They set up tables on your campus to help you start a free checking account. No paying for those annoying checking account fees. Take advantage of it, but please do not open up too many credit cards and max them out. Credit card late fees are horrendously difficult to squash, especially if you are going into debt with school.

Microsoft Office for Free

If you are enrolled in college, you have access to Microsoft Office for free. The programs offered will help you be more successful as a student. Just use this link to enroll:

Also, use this link to get a free 6 month subscription to protect all your passwords through the company Last Pass.

Free food on Campus

I remember always seeing free food on campus.. Take advantage of it! You can easily search your own university using this link:

Also, there are many free food days (you do not even have to be a college student)! For instance, Ben and Jerry’s offers a free cone in the Spring. If you dress like a cow and go into a Chic-fil-A in July, then you get a free meal! Moo- YEAH!

Free Admission into Museums

Show your student ID and get into museums for free! For example, New York’s Moma is exquisite and you can spend a whole day soaking it up! If you are an NYC student, you can get in for free. There are many museums that let students visit for free or at least very discounted! Just remember your student ID.


Stores such as ASOS (10% discount), Banana Republic (15% discount), J. Cres (15% discount), TopShop (10% discount), and Madewell (10% discount) offer student discounts. Remember to ask about a student discount at any of these stores and you will reap the benefits. You could even ask if they are looking for a brand ambassador!

Don’t be shy, remember, companies want to target college students and with these tips, you can now reap the benefits of being a student. No need to live on Ramen noodles and stay in. Make the most of your college experience with these money-savvy tips!