Free Sharpie S Gel Pen - Perfect Timing for Writing Your Holiday Cards
almost 3 years ago

Free Sharpie S Gel Pen - Perfect Timing for Writing Your Holiday Cards

Free Sharpie S Gel Pen

Just in time for writing those holiday cards to all your friends and family, Staples is offering an amazing free sample of Sharpie S Gel Pens. They’re super easy to get and should arrive pretty quickly. How great is that?!

And TrySpree is here once again in another edition to our freebie review blog posts to give you the scoop. We really think you’re going to love this offer, this is a no muss no fuss free sample that provides plenty of value. Therefore, we’re giving this sample a 4.5 star review.

Without further adieu here are the details.

High Performance Gel Pen

So first, let’s discuss the product itself being offered from Staples. The free sample is a Sharpie S Gel 0.7 ink pen. What makes this pen really unique is the no smear and no bleed technology. It really offers an amazing writing experience.

The free sample itself is of a black ink pen, but if you enjoy it, you can also splurge on an array of vivid and bold colors from their selection. There’s also a great contoured rubber grip which is super comfortable, especially during journals, cards, scrapbooks, and those long notetaking sessions in school.

The design TrySpree also loved, it’s very sleek and feels sophisticated. And at the medium point level (0.7mm) it strikes the right balance between readability and legibility. It looks great on most mediums, leaving very clear penmanship.

Straight Forward and Simple Form

This offer ranks at the absolute top of the charts as far as ease of getability. It exemplifies all the things TrySpree loves in finding and sharing free samples, and one of the more streamlined offers we’ve seen in a while.

From our research this offer does not enter you into marketing outreach, such as endless emails from Staples. But unfortunately there’s not much to go off in terms of privacy, as we couldn’t find the details of how our data was going to be used after we submitted the form.

But, that being said, the form is very straightforward and short. It asks for some very basic details like your name and address. It also wants to have a company name, so if you don’t have a company you might need to make one up. We always just use TrySpree. Staples is a very reputable company, so we weren’t too worried about it.

There is a limit of only one per household, but that is to be expected. We haven’t not tried submitting multiple times because we don’t believe in doing that, but most likely they will not send multiple pens to one’s home.

Really Fast Shipping in the Mail

Finally, it arrived for us in six business days. The form will tell you up to two weeks, so for some people it might take a little longer. But we gotta say it’s worth the wait.

Try it Free for Yourself

Overall, we’re super happy with this free sample. We have already written multiple Christmas cards with it, and plan to write many more. So submit your form and grab a free Sharpie S Gel Pen for yourself!

Free Sharpie S Gel Pen