Free Productivity Tools That Are Great For Working From Home
almost 4 years ago

Free Productivity Tools That Are Great For Working From Home

Many of us are now working from home due to the pandemic. So TrySpree has compiled a list of the best productivity tools that you can use for free. Check them out!

Google Docs

No work from home tool set would be complete without Google Docs. Its basically a free version of the older standard software suite, Microsoft Office. What makes it great is how cooperative it is. If you're working with other people, you can share files, edit them collaboratively, and it all works so well. You can even see other people typing in real time!

There are a few tools within the set. One is Docs, which is a word processor. The second is Slides, which is like PowerPoint. They also have Sheets, which is basically an Excel replacement. Then they also have a bunch of other fun tools like Draw, Jamboards, and a few other. It's 100% free, so make sure to check it out!


If you have been alive during the past few months, then most likely you've heard of Zoom. They've been in the news quite a lot, mainly for privacy reasons. But, they are the best video conferencing software out there. The free account has some limitations, but it still offers a ton of functionality to get you what you need.


For communication, you can't be Slack. Its basically a chat app that allows you to creat channels and invite people. The free plan offers a ton of functionality such as sharing files, making voice calls, and setting up channels with anyone. Its a great tool because so many people are already use it so you just invite them and get started right away.


This is the best app for taking notes. You can jot them down on your iPhone with their mobile app when you get inspiration, but then go back and work on it on your desktop. All the data is conveniently synced and stored in the could. It has a ton of great formatting options, for example you can use checkboxes to make quick and easy ToDo Lists. Check out the free Evernote app, your productivity will thank you.


Trello is great for tracking work that needs to be done. You create cards for each piece of work, and then can move them around as the work progresses. This makes it super easy to track whats getting done and what work is coming up next. You can share boards with other people so everyone can collaborate, adding details of the work needed and comments directly into the cards. They offer free accounts so take advantage!


For those who want to write more engaging content, or to write less grammer mistakes like mispellings, Grammarly is the app for you. It uses artificial intelligence to make corrections as well as suggestion while you write. It works across all different apps and platforms so its always there, like a little grammar angel sitting on your shoulder. They're always coming out with great new features so get your free account and instantly become a better writer.


File storage can be a huge issue; you run out of space, you don't have files where you need them between computers, you have to email back and forth files and end up with wrong versions. Dropbox is here to fix all those problems. Just install the free app on your computer or phone and enjoy free storage and file management. The best part is you can also make a file public, and get a link that you can send to coworkers where they can instantly download the file. It makes it super convenient. Plus, all your files are stored in the cloud so you can sleep easy at night assured your hard drive won't crash and lose all your precious files.


Have a problem focussing? Then give Noisli a try. You can create all different background sound mixes that drown out distracting noises. There's tons of sounds to pick from, like nature sounds and even a replica of how a coffee shop sounds. Create your own mix and get in a zenned out state, where you can focus on work and be super productive.


This last one is for a bit of fun. Everyone loves funny GIFs, those images that move like little vidoes. Giphy makes it super easy to find funny images that you can share with your coworkers. For example, after a long day, send a celebration GIF. Or if your boss is being mean, send a funny GIF about bad bosses. It will really brighten up your day.

We hope you enjoyed all these work from home tools, TrySpree uses all of them so we vouch for them. Have other suggestions? Let us know on our Facebook page.