Free 6 Month Amazon Prime Membership for College Students
over 2 years ago

Free 6 Month Amazon Prime Membership for College Students

Free Amazon Prime for College Students

Amazon has changed the shopping experience of the world (especially during 2020). You can simply order anything you want, and with prime it will be delivered within 2 days. TrySpree loved this deal we found for college students. Many college students are on a budget and extremely busy with classes. Amazon is offering the convenience of free Amazon Prime to College Students for 6 months.

What steps do I take to sign up for Amazon Student Prime Membership?

First to qualify, you need to be an active student with an .edu email. Go to Amazon Prime Student email sign-up.

Go to Prime Student sign-up

The sign-up form is relatively easy to fill out, but you do need to receive a confirmation email to your .edu email. You also will need to enter your school and major.

FYI, the .edu email address is only used for verification, and you can use your gmail account for the primary email on your Amazon Prime account. Also, if you do not receive the verification email to your .edu email, then please check your spam or junk and add amazon-student@amazon to your contacts list in your email.

What if you decide to keep your Amazon Student Prime after your 6 month free trial?

After your complimentary six month trial, you will be eligible for half off an Amazon Prime membership for up to four years! An Amazon Prime Student membership only costs $6.49 a month of $59 dollars a year.

What if you already have an Amazon Prime account and just recently decided to go back to school?

If you already have an Amazon Prime account, you can still qualify for Amazon Student Prime. You will receive a refund for your remaining months of Amazon Prime account subscription. TrySpree was very impressed by Amazon’s customer support!

Are there any other perks aside from the free two-day shipping?

During your six month trial of Amazon Prime, you will be able to use free Amazon Prime TV Streaming Service, free Prime readership subscription, free Amazon music, unlimited Audible listening, unlimited photo storage, early access to Amazon lightning deals, access to Prime Gaming through, and a free Twitch channel subscription trial for 30 days.

Also, one of our TrySpree employees was able to receive textbooks for cheaper and faster than through their college bookstore. TrySpree loves the convenience of Amazon Prime.

Does it expire soon?

The six month free trial does not expire anytime soon.

Limited offer?

There is no limited number of offers.

If you are not a student, are there any offers for free Amazon Prime?

If you are not a student and do not already have Amazon Prime, you can qualify for a one week free trial. TrySpree wishes they offered at least a month, but at least it is something! You could do most of your last-minute Christmas shopping during that week.

Can the Amazon Prime student account be shared?

No, the Amazon Prime student account cannot be shared with others. If you are on a shared account currently and apply for an Amazon Prime student account, the other individual cannot switch to your Prime student account.

How does TrySpree rate the free Amazon Student Prime Membership?

TrySpree rates the free Amazon Student Prime Membership a 4.5/5. Amazon makes everything more convenient and loves how it is offered for free for students for 6 months! Also, we think Amazon is very generous for offering a discount of half off for up to 4 years as a student.

TrySpree was very impressed by the other perks that come with the Amazon Student Prime Membership, such as free gaming, music and online books through Audible. The only downside is that Amazon does make you apply and it takes a little more time to obtain the membership than other free subscriptions online, but TrySpree thinks the little extra effort to get it is worth all of the incredible benefits.

Please do it today and start reaping the Amazon freebies!

Free Amazon Prime for College Students