TrySpree Helps Out With Mental Health - We Found Free Yoga and Meditation Classes You Can Do at Home During Quarantine
almost 3 years ago

TrySpree Helps Out With Mental Health - We Found Free Yoga and Meditation Classes You Can Do at Home During Quarantine

Mindfulness retreat. It sounds like what everyone needs during this time. A place to learn how to unwind and learn how to manage anxiety and stress. Mindfulness retreats help attendees incorporate yoga, meditation and healthy nourishing food to find inner peace. Oftentimes they are located in exotic locations; deep in the jungles of Costa Rica, on a white pristine beach in Thailand, rugged mountains of Utah or Colorado, etc.

We may not be able to jet set during a pandemic, and the budget may be a little tight for everyone right now. However, you can still find peace and tranquility at home. I am going to share with you ways that you can create your own mindfulness retreat at home and for FREE.

Free yoga classes:

Yoga is a practice you can develop and use for a lifetime. Gentle on the body, yet you still build long, lean lines and increase flexibility. Many yoga practices help you focus on your breath which is an amazing tool to handle stressful times. You develop inner awareness while paying attention to the movement of your body with the yoga poses. Some of my favorite free yoga classes to do are:

This site has over 100 free yoga videos. The videos range from 5 minutes to 100 minutes and you can pick the yoga class depending on your style, type of teacher, and level of practice.

Kino Yoga - YouTube channel

Yoga teacher for 20 years and has many free videos for beginners! Also, the yoga classes are filmed on a beach. It will take you to your own little oasis!

This site has a plethora of yoga videos and you can set monthly challenges for yourself! I love the variety of the selection of yoga videos the website offers!

Free meditation courses:

Meditation can do wonders for your soul. I wish I would have started it sooner! It allows you to gain a new perspective in stressful situations, teaches you how to focus on the present, increases patience and tolerance and helps you filter out negative emotions. Some of my favorite meditation courses:

Learn basic meditation practices with Tara Brach. She is extremely educated in the field of Buddhist medication- an author, psychologist, and founder of Insight Meditation Community of Washington, D.C.

UCLA offers free guided meditations and each week has a different theme.

The Free Mindfulness Project- an excellent resource for a variety of meditionations including: guided imagery, guided movement, guided mindfulness, guided breath, etc.

Free healthy snacks:

You are learning how to nourish your mind through meditation and yoga, but you need some healthy fuel to keep your body at peace. Here are some of my favorite free healthy food samples:

Herbalife Protein Bar

You can try this (10 grams of protein, no artificial flavor, and no trans fat) Herbalife protein bar with this link


LivBar is an organic, energy bar that is plant-based! Clean and nutritious! You can get a free sample through this link:

Mindfulness retreats don’t have to be on the other side of the world or expensive. You can create your own by starting with FREE yoga, meditation and healthy snacks. 2020 can be a whirlwind of unknowns, but make your home a new place to restore, develop inner peace and practice mindfulness. Wishing you all a fresh, healthy start and remember a beautiful day starts with a beautiful mindset : )!