Check Out This North Bondi Free Perfume Sample by Oaui - TrySpree Offer Review
almost 3 years ago

Check Out This North Bondi Free Perfume Sample by Oaui - TrySpree Offer Review

Ouai is best known for their haircare products. Ouai means “yes” in French and their brand is all about obtaining effortless, easy French beauty. They want to make luxury accessible with their hair products (my favorite being the Ouai leave-in-conditioner), and they definitely do with their perfume I sampled.

It was easy to obtain, and I think it is a floral scent perfect for a pick-me-up in the upcoming colder and darker days!

TrySpree Likes and Dislikes

The scent is a high-quality blend of bergamot, jasmine, Italian lemon, white musk and rose de mai. It is a citrus smell with florals that is perfect for the winter time. The scent is sophisticated, yet fresh!

However, it is heavy on the floral scents, it can come off as a little too conservative and mature. The one downside of the perfume if you are looking for more of a sultry scent.

Ouai North Bondi Perfurme Free Sample

Details on the Offer from Ouai

I wish the sample was a little bigger, but I have yet to find a large perfume sample. The website for the sample is reputable and easy to fill out in less than a minute. You only need to enter in your address and email.

I do love how they ask personalized questions about your skin type and skin concern! It feels personalized and may be an indicator that they may be shifting more into skincare..more free samples?!

I received my sample in 3 weeks (earlier than the 4-8 weeks suggested). The offer is still available, but limited. If you are located in the United States, I would highly recommend trying it!

To Recap

I did use up my relaxing oil scents I received (lavender, rose and spearmint) right away and slept like a baby that week. A week of good sleep… that in itself is worth it to me!

Ouai North Bondi Perfurme Free Sample