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Best Free Games Available for Download In September 2020
over 1 year ago

Best Free Games Available for Download In September 2020

People are spending a lot more time indoors now because of Covid 19. So what can you do? Play some free games!

TrySpree has done the hard work of finding the best free games available for you to download and play for September 2020. Enjoy...


No free game list would be complete without this fan favorite. Fortnite has taken over the gaming world, which has never seen anything like it. Its a free game published by Epic Games. It made popular the Battle Royal format, which means 100 competitors at a time play, and only one person wins. So, towards the end it gets super competitive and intense! We really recommend giving this game a try.


Another super popular game at the moment is Roblox. It allows creators to build games inside the game. Yeah did that blow your mind? Well so will Roblox. It has endless amounts of fun because there's always new mini games to try out. There are mostly kids playing this game, so it might not interest the adults, but its still definitely a ton of fun. And its free!

World of Tanks

So if you're a history buff, or just like shooting games in general, then you will love World of Tanks. They really accurately reflect tanks of different time periods to make it super interesting. The goal is to maneuver your tank into positions to be able to fire without getting hit yourself. There are tons of upgrades and different maps to play so you hardly ever get bored.

Trivia Crack 2

Love Trivia? Well do we have the game for you. What's really cool about Trivia Crack 2 is that you can also play on teams, so it becomes even more fun once you invite friends. Also, it has great graphics to keep you engaged. But best of all, you can learn a thing or two just by playing! How great is that?

Draw It

Ok this one is super interesting. Its a game to see how fast you can draw something, so good for you creative types out there. Its so fun to see what kind of artwork comes out in the process, and can get pretty hysterical once it gets really rushed. Its pretty cool, it uses machine learning to understand what you draw, so it keeps it pretty fair during the competition because there is a computer doing the judging. So don't be afraid, even if you're not a professional artist, the computer won't know!


If you're looking for intense and fast paced action, this game is for you. You can play 2 vs 2 team games, or just try to defeat everyone yourself. There are really interesting characters, or Legends, to choose from, so it's fun to personalize your fighter. Brawlhalla is also getting into e-sports, so if you get good, you just might end up getting famous!


Last but not least is Freeciv. It's based off the Civilization series, the only difference is that it's free! The goal is to build yourself a long lasting civilization from the ground up. But be careful, other civilization are out to destroy yours. It's a role based game so it's pretty relaxing, you can play at your own pace. So start with your settlers and build a civilization and conquer the world!

So start with these free games, they're all available in September of 2020, so perfect timing to enjoy yourself if you're still stuck indoors. But most importantly, just have fun!