7 Tips for Getting Free Samples
over 3 years ago

7 Tips for Getting Free Samples

1. Act Fast

The number one key for getting free samples is to act fast. Many times companies will run out of samples, so you have to submit your information quickly. This will give you the best chance of being one of the first ones in line. But, this means you'll have to be pretty active in your search, and look for new free samples almost every morning to give you the highest chance of getting them.

2. Search Different Sites

Many different sites will post samples. Therefore it helps to look across a range of sites so you don't miss any good ones. TrySpree tries to collect all the samples from the internet, but sometimes they miss some. Some other good sites to check out are PinchMe and SweetFreeStuff. But there are many so do some Google searches and find ones that look trustworthy.

3. Use Auto Submit

Speed is key. So making sure you information gets submitted quickly and to many samples will help you improve your chances of getting them. TrySpree offers their one click free samples, which makes it very fast and easy to submit your information to the free sample company. This will help you save time and claim more freebies more quickly.

4. Look for Trustworthy Samples

There are some scams to look out for. Some people put up fake offers of free samples to collect data, be on the lookout for these. To know if a sample is good, look for recognized brands, that's usually a good sign. Also, make sure the website is legit, like look at the URL and if it's something weird, maybe dont' trust it. Also, look for comments and activity on social media for people saying they got it.

5. Follow Samples on Social Media

Social media is a great way to discover free stuff. Many companies will post their samples there, so you can follow them. One good company is Sephora, they post a lot. But also follow the social media of freebie sites like TrySpree so you see their posts when you're browsing social media.

6. Don't Expect to Get Everything

Lastly, don't get discouraged if not every free sample comes. Many people are trying to get them, so often times companies run out. It's just the nature of it. But, if you follow these tips to getting free samples, your chances of getting them will go way up!

7. Have Fun

Overall, the best way to get the most out of freebies is to have fun. Join a fun site that has a community so you can chat and review the samples with other people. Even contribute to some sites by discovering and posting samples to them. People will be very thankful for you!