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Free Samples from The Aromatica

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If anyone is having difficulties with either understanding TrySpree or the entire free sample offers process,I have left a pretty extensive,detailed and informative comment.pertaining to how to receive many freebies. It's long but if you're new to the sampling world of awesomeness.....Check it out....It just may be helpful!


Thank you very much for the great advices, Chachaa.


I've already received mine and cannot wait to try everything. Received 5 samples.
This is a Korean Beauty Company and my free samples were mailed from Korea.
Here are a few tips about using TrySpree.
Something that I've done and truly cannot even tell you if it has any bearing on whether or not I receive the free sample...I just believe it's the right thing to do. I always go to the company's Social Media platform/s first and like and/or follow them BEFORE I apply for their offer. My thoughts are this,if I owned the company...I would want to know that there was at least a chance that the person will either become a fan of my products or a customer in the future and not just someone trying to get something for free....this is just me!
1) Tap on a free sample product you're interested in,it will take you to the next page where you will tap on the VIEW OFFER button,NOT the TrySpree button as it will give you a better chance of receiving the free sample.
2) I always look at the date when the sample was posted. Just so you know,if a sample falls into any of the following categories...skincare,perfume,t-shirts,haircare or any advertised as Free FULL SIZE Product and if the date it was posted(this will be on this second page,below the product offering the sample here on TrySpree)was a full day or 2 before the day you're searching for free sample products...chances are,the company's samples have all been spoken for. Tap on the View Offer button anyways. If you get to the site and there's no offer of any free sample anywhere,chances are the offer has ended. If you're ever having issues signing up for a product or have any questions,go to TrySpree's Facebook feed and see if anyone else has commented. You may find the solution/answer to your issue or question.
3) I always take a screenshot of the confirmation message. HEADS UP...If you do not either see a Thank-You...your offer has been submitted or receive an email confirmation...your application has not been fully submitted(ALWAYS CHECK YOUR EMAILS!)
4) Just because you've received an email confirmation,it does not mean it's a go for actually receiving that free sample. Many offers require you to ALSO confirm the email. It will usually say this on the initial application page or after you've hit submit for the offer. AND just because you've done everything 100% according to what was required of you to still does not mean that you will absolutely receive that sample!
See below for reasons why you may have never received your free sample.
5) The reason why I mentioned how I always take a screenshot of each confirmation statement is as follows....know in advance however,that although it has not worked each and every time I've done it...I have received quite a few more free samples and products than if I did nothing(My motto has always been "It never hurts to ask...All anyone can do is say no!" I have received a lot more Yesses and so many awesome products because of merely asking!!! Writing a message by email has literally helped me to receive offers that've been posted as out of stock or reads this campaign is over...If it's been over 1.5 months or longer and I have still not received my sample,I will email the company,explaining that I never received the free sample offer,despite applying for it over(insert approximate time you applied) Be nice,pleasant and if you have used or are using the companies other product/'s mention how much you like it/them. Be authentic,don't fabricate a story....always be friendly. If you receive a reply back that say for example,says we are so sorry but that campaign is no longer running and we are out of the samples....DO NOT EVER BE RUDE!
Which brings me to the last little tip....Not being Rude!
6) There is NEVER and I'll repeat that...NEVER any excuse to EVER be rude if you did not receive your free sample product. It costs an astronomical amount of money for a company to run a free sample campaign. An excessive amount of money that would make your eyes bulge and your mouth go wide open in the hugest WTF or've got to be joking reaction!!!! A lot of businesses/companies are small and/or just getting started and have very little cash flow for anything other than keeping the lights on and products in stock. It can literally take years before they see even the smallest profit margin. There is an abundance of small Indie companies popping up in every country by the day.
It's a very rare less than a handful that can be considered overnight success stories Just know,if I ever see a person comment in a rude manner when it concerns free samples,I WILL RESPOND back to the person in a very non funny manner.
A couple reasons for not receiving your free sample offer is as follows....
1) The company has given away all of the samples they had for that specific campaign.
2) Something went wrong on your or their part. Things DO go wrong AND people DO make mistakes. WE ALL DO! You may have forgotten to confirm their email or there's has even been times where a company requested that I confirmed a 2nd or 3rd occasion,just to indicate that I'm still interested in their free sample product and mistakes DO happen on the company's behalf. A glitch,an overlooked application,etc
I know this is so so long and there's a lot to take in.
Just remember...we were all new at one time,wondering why we were the only person that never received their samples and thinking it was nothing but a hoax or a way to get our personal information.
Receiving free sample offers and products by mail is supposed to be a fun and happy experience. It's not a difficult experience once you get the hang of it and before you know it,you will be receiving freebies on a daily basis.
Lastly....It's 100% okay to take flattering photos of your freebies and post them to your Social Media feeds or to fire off a real quick thank you letter to the company that made your new free sample possible. The best thank you is a follow on their Instagram or Facebook account or a nice review. They'll love you for it!!!
I hope I've helped even a handful of people who perhaps have been frustrated by the entire freebie scene.
Best of Luck and HAPPY SAMPLING! πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸŒŸβœ¨πŸŒˆβ˜„οΈβ˜˜οΈπŸŒΊπŸŒΌπŸŒ»


Really, don't bother.....And Developers get your website working properly... Stop wasting people's time


Doesn't work


I tried to get free sample i signed up and ecerything but cant seem to figure it out i tried everything someone help me pls would love a free sampl


There’s a glitch in their system.... kept saying check duplication on ID... when you click on checking availability, it does NOTHING!!! So frustrating!!!


Didn't get through to ask for product..It wouldn't let me!


Love to try thanks


how the heck do you actually get any free samples from this place? I can't find any information about them anywhere on their website except for where it says "Get a free samples of our best sellers (choose one of two types)". But then, when you go through the sign-up process, it doesn't give you that option anywhere. It just sends you a coupon for 15% off of a $50+ order.


That was fast! Got mine, thanks!


Would be easier to have a root canal


would love hair samples


Cant wait to try hair samples

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