Free Sample of Halo Top Pops


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Free Sample of Halo Top Pops

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Halo Top Creamery is thrilled to introduce Halo Top Pops—snackable mini ice cream pops that come in four delicious flavor options packed six to a box. Halo Top Pops contain 50-60 calories per pop and are easy on the sugar, giving fans the same Halo Top® they know and love—only now with 100% more stick. Even better, these mini ice cream pops are portion-controlled and a good source of protein, so they are perfect for snacking and sharing. Now that's true love on a stick!

We know Valentine’s Day doesn’t always go as planned, so to sweeten your day, we’re offering the first 1,000 fans one FREE box of Halo Top Pops, while supplies last, beginning at 12PM ET on Valentine’s Day.










Did anyone get some?? I think it was a hoax to get people to come to the website it went on it over and over again starting at 1158 am and never seen a thing to click or anything even liked them on social media. Then all of a sudden they are all gone.


Its 12:18 pm finally got it to the free halo pops but says they have already all been given away and I've had the site pulled up since 11:55 am!!


Been trying halo site sine 12 pm tday 2/14 but there is not option for the free halo pops any suggestion


The Halo Top site/promotion is messed up again. Doesn't work. Come to expect that from them now.


If you want real samples go to Pinchme


US only again😣


wow you people do not know how to read. you don't have to pay anything, you have to be on the site on valentines day at 12 noon to claim the sample


You have to pay 48 plus shipping which is 52.62 all together smh 🤦🏻‍♀️


filled out all your surveys and nothing not even a wet noodle I think it's all aBig Scam and tons of phone calls unesssary


Would really like to try them!!


just an fyi, doesn't work unless you go to the site and sign up on valentines day at 12 noon, also note tryspree will not work unless you go to the site and directly request the sample on anything that tryspree offers so don't waste your time "tryspreeing" just go to the site


Sounds Interesting... Would Love to TRY Them!! 😀


I would love to win this I wish everyone could win


Hope to get it!

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