Websites to Find Free Clothes

There's a reason why television shows like "Naked and Afraid" have met with such great success. Being naked, (with a few obvious exceptions...), in today's world can be a terrifying experience! That's why we firmly believe that everyone has the right to free clothes, and we are about to introduce you to four great websites that will show you where to find them.


This website's specialty is finding amazing free stuff available on the internet. Mostly there are promotional products and special offer coupons. So what does that have to do with free clothes, you might be asking yourself? Well, think about it, what is one of the most popular promotional items that companies offer their customers for free? T-shirts and hats. Free Stuff Channel updates its site daily, and just like us here at, they announce free t-shirt giveaways that they find on the internet. Check them out, your closet will be bursting at the seams with free T-shirts and baseball caps in no time at all!


Most people think of Craigslist as a great place to find a job, buy or sell an old piece of furniture, rent out their vacation home, (or to meet a stranger for a weird and wacky one night stand... did we say that? Nope, not us...) Anyway, you might be surprised to learn that if you go to the Craigslist first page for the area where you live, and find the "For Sale" heading, you will find a link with my favorite four letter word that starts with an "F." FREE! Trust us people; your lives will never be the same. Not only might you strike it right and end up with a free leather couch or a old set of Encyclopedia Britannica, but you will often find people who are giving away baby and children's clothes, and in many cases adult clothes. You might even get lucky like us, and run across a thrift store that reduces their inventory by giving away free clothes one day per month!


We're sure you've heard us mention Freecycle on TRYSPREE.COM, but it's still worth putting on this list because it's such a great source for free clothing. The original idea behind Freecycle was to allow people to recycle their unwanted and unneeded items within their local communities. This, in turn, would reduce the amount of landfill use and be better for the environment. The site is very simple to use, you can easily list the items you want to give away, or the items you are looking for, on your neighborhood's local mini-site. So, do you need a winter coat, size men's XL? Just post your request and wait to see who responds. The good thing for you, as the person seeking out some free clothes, is that Freecycle is VERY strict about money not changing hands, so if anybody asks you to pay for an item, they are breaking Freecycle policy.


Of course we are partial, but TRYSPREE is an excellent resource to help you find free clothing. Not only is it completely free to use, but it's also a really fun community where you can interact with other people who are also on a mission to find, not only free clothes, but LOTS of other great freebies unavailable anywhere else. When you join our free community, you are also eligible to earn points, just by participating, and when those points add up, you'll be first in line to trade them in for exclusive free sample products. Tryspree is a very active site, and there are constantly new and exciting freebies being added to the site.

Congratulations! Your days of being naked and afraid are a thing of the past! You have just discovered several excellent places to find free clothing, (albeit, you might have to traipse around town sporting a logo of a company you've never done business with, but hey, free clothes do come with some cost... even though it's not monetary).

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have other sites that you use to score free clothes. And let us know what cool threads you find when you use the sites that we've just suggested.

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